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search for business partners

Fastarling provides prospective business partner search services in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

 As part of the service, with account of all peculiarities and specifics of your business, we will provide information about your partners and set up business relation with them.

 With our help you will find the right business partners, thereby expanding the boundaries of your operations, as well as increase productivity and efficiency of your company and get insured against financial losses in the future.

As part of the search for business partners in Belarus and abroad we offer the following services:

- Drawing up requirements to the partner.

- Brief market research by the kind of activity.

- Preliminary approval of the list with the client.

- Setting up contacts with companies, presenting the client’s collaboration proposal.

- Organization and support of negotiations, business meetings (hotel and flight booking, visa support, transfer, translator services)

- Comprehensive servicing of transactions